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Project Eden

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Category: Games & Entertainment - Games - Strategy
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Publisher: Sold-Out Software
Packaging: Dvd Style Box
Operating System: Windows 95/98/Xp
Rating: Teen

Something is Wrong in the Garden of Eden! Due to severe overpopulation, Earth's surface is covered with towering mega-cities. As civilization climbs high into the sky, it buries beneath it a wretched underworld occupied by criminals, the deranged and the deformed. Now, amidst reports of violence and atrocity in lower levels, a technical repair team has gone missing.

The Urban Protection Agency is an elite security organization that handles the more serious disturbance that take place within the city. When called upon, the UPA deploys 4 member teams comprised of highly trained individuals skilled in a variety of disciplines.

Your team has been activated in order to investigate problems at the `Real Meat' factory, in which all the equipment has started to simultaneously malfunction. Technicians sent to repair the machinery have gone missing without explanation. Prepare for the descent ...


  • Lead 4 specialists in innovative squad-based play into an abyss of vast caverns, snake like tunnels and luring dead-ends.
  • 11 chilling mission based levels will test your exploration, puzzle-solving and survival skills.
  • Morphing enemies challenge you constantly, mutating as quickly as you learn how to destroy them.
  • Descend into the darkness alone in single player mode or with up to 4 other cooperatively in multiplayer or head to head in Deathmatch.
  • Switch control between members of your team at any time during play. Carter, the experienced squad leader. Minoko, the tech specialist. Andre the skilled engineer and Amber, the goliath-like Cyborg.
  • Unique weapons and equipment increase your chances for success and survival. The Timeshock device can slow time around your opponents, the Extractor drains energy from hostile enemies, and the Disc Launcher can bounce exploding projectiles onto targets out of sight with laser trajectory guidance.
  • Control remotely operated equipment such as mini-rovers to reach inaccessible areas, hover-cameras to scout treacherous paths ahead, and gun emplacements to aid you in intense gunfire situations.
  • Mission intensity will likely exhaust your internal energy banks. Power-cell equipment may be replenished by tapping into still live energy source below the city depths such as power-points, batteries and old generators.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/Me/XP
  • 300 MHz Pentium II processor (600 MHz Pentium III processor recommended),
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended),
  • DirectX 8 compliant 3D accelerator card with 12 MB VRAM (with 32 MB VRAM and T&L support recommended), DirectX 8 compliant sound card (hardware accelerated sound card recommended),
  • 8x CD-ROM drive,
  • 10 MB uncompressed hard drive space (600 MB free hard drive space recommended),
  • keyboard and mouse..
  • Multiplayer: Internet and LAN via TCP/IP, 56K or faster connection required.

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