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Spell Force: The Order Of Dawn

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Operating System: Windows 98/Me/Xp
Rating: Teen

In their immeasurable greed and constant thirst for power, the thirteen most powerful Mages of all time doomed the land, hurling it into an endless spiral of  chaos and despair. Entire countries were wiped out in the blink of an eye when the devastating power of the Elements was unleashed - Elements summoned by dark rituals. Continents shattered like glass, the pieces strewn about like leaves in the wind. Huge armies, bound by the the power of ancient runes, brought war and destruction to the lands that survived the initial onslaught. All that was left were a few islands, connected by magic portals.


  • Innovative game design: The unique mixture of RTS and RPG elements offers a brand new game experience.
  • High degree of identification with the hero-avatar, whose skills and strengths can be improved by the player
  • Click'n'Fight: This revolutionary control system guarantees instant action, the best possible overview and completely new tactical possibilities in battle
  • 6 races - Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Trolls - that can be used simultaneously (!) to build settlements and fight battles
  • More than 30 different enemy races, from cowardly goblins to powerful demons and dragons
  • A multitude of spells, divided into different categories of magic (white, black, elemental, etc.)
  • Persistent game world with continuous, gripping storyline and myriad sub-quests
  • Awe-inspiring 3D graphics with zoom levels from isometric to 1st-Person-views

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium  III 1GHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3D-Graphic card with 32 MB RAM (compatible with GeForce2 or better)
  • Windows« 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • DirectX«9.0a or higher
  • 2 GB free fixed disk storage

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 1,8 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D-Graphic card with 64 MB RAM (compatible with GeForce4 Ti or better)
  • 2 GB free fixed disk storage
  • Windows 98/ME/XP
  • DirectX9.0a or higher

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