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Crimson Skies

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Publisher: Atari
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Operating System: Windows 95/98/Me/2000
Rating: Teen

Welcome to the world of Crimson Skies!  Enjoy an all-new experience in flight combat! Crimson Skies puts you in the cockpit for thrilling dogfights and aerial adventure.

In this alternate history, the year is 1937 and the United States is fractured into squabbling nation-states, brought about by the weight of the Great Depression, regional prohibition and mounting isolationism. Giant Zeppelins crisscross the skies carrying both passengers and cargo, and airborne bandits are a constant threat.

Enjoy an all-new experience in flight combat! Crimson Skies puts you in the cockpit for thrilling dogfights and aerial adventure. Use your cunning and skill to outwit the dastardly villians, and use the terrain around you to attain tactical superiority!

Become the ace of the skies with Crimson Skies' intuitive flying system! Easy to learn yet hard to master, Crimson Skies captures the true spirit of combat flying with an intuitive flying system, which will let you command the air with ease. The focus is on the art of dog fighting not the science of flying!

Grip the yoke tight as you fly low in completely interactive 3-D environments! Crimson Skies puts the emphasis on flying low and using it's faithfully rendered 1937 America landscape to your advantage. Follow the line of the Hollywood Hills as you swoop in for a daring raid on downtown LA, or hug the coastline and bank against a cliff wall to dodge the enemy dogging your six!

Dodge flak as you go Zeppelin to Zeppelin in on-line multiplayer combat! Crimson Skies comes fully multiplayer ready via the MSN Gaming Zone whether you want to go one on one with a friend or fly squadron on squadron with a group of your air pirate cronies.

It's like a time machine, only better! You are immediately immersed in the world of Crimson Skies. Smell the leather of your bomber jacket as you become Nathan Zachary, a handsome and dashing air pirate, in an alternate 1937 America where gunship diplomacy and air piracy rule the day.

Blaze a name for yourself with hot lead in dozens of daredevil raids and aerial adventures! Over 24 high paced and intricately designed missions promise to enmesh you in the complex and engrossing story line of the Crimson Skies universe.

Capture your daring aerial exploits in your very own personal scrapbook. Each mission in Crimson Skies comes jam packed with a sky-full of primary and secondary objectives. See how many snap shots and headlines you can grab in the course of your adventures via a personalizable memoir which captures your deeds in the game and the mementos from your many encounters...

Crimson Skies puts you in a world of bigger planes, badder guns --

and more beautiful women. All new fantasy planes, weapons and characters make this a flight experience you're unlikely to forget!
Swoop and soar in eleven exotic and specially fitted fighting planes! Fly everything from the nitrogen charged Whitley and Douglas Raven fighter-bomber to the buzzing and whirring air gyro to the latest Hughes Aircraft prototypes.

Dogfight dastardly villains for air supremacy and the spoils of air-commerce! Fight fast and low as you fly against some of the craftiest pilots ever to grab a yolk. The goal of the game is air piracy as you play the role of Nathan Zachary, the handsome and dashing leader of the notorious air pirates, the Fortune Hunters.

Snatch the super secret prototype to add to your aerial arsenal! As the daring commander of an air pirate wing, you need to constantly be on the lookout for new fighter designs to steal and reverse-engineer. Listen closely to the air chatter and don't forget to ask about any rumors floating around the pilot community regarding the latest advances from Crimson Skies' many industrial titans.


  • Immerse yourself in a fully interactive storyline in a gaming universe that captures the sweep and romance of 1930's America!
    Interact with dozens of denizens in the Crimson Skies world as the handsome and daring Nathan Zachary, notorious buccaneer and renowned ladies' man.
  • Air chatter with friends and foes, cut-scenes, in-game animation sequences and a variety of dynamic mission objectives will help dedicated air pirates live and breath in the Crimson Skies world while engaging an array of fearless adventurers, sinister plotters, bloodthirsty sky-pirates and militia heroes.
  • Along the way, gamers may run up against ace pilots like Paladin Blake, famous starlets such as Lana Cooper or deadly femme fatales like the Black Swan!
  • Watch out, that girl you seduce tonight might be the deadly vixen gunning for you tomorrow.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000
  • Pentium II 266 MHz or higher processor
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 675 MB of free Hard Disk space
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • 8 MB / 3D Video Card
  • Sound Card compatible with DirectX version 7.0a or higher
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Speakers or headphones required for audio
  • Online: Additional 96 MB needed for Windows 2000; 28.8 Kbps modem or better; LAN or null-modem cable; Internet Explorer 3.02 or Netscape Communicator 4.0

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