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Il-2 Forgotten Battles

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Publisher: Encore
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Operating System: Windows Xp
Rating: Teen

The standalone sequel to the award-winning IL-2 Sturmovik. Forgotten Battles features World War II's most feared and revered fighter planes, including the German Stuka and American P-47. The game features 45 new airplanes, 30 new campaigns, and an all-new dynamic campaign system. This game is packed full of features on 2 CDs.


  • 30 new flyable aircraft.
  • 3 new map areas of Finland, Hungary, and Ukraine/Poland.
  • 20 new single-player missions and 10 new multiplayer missions.
  • New maps dedicated to multiplayer.
  • A new dynamic campaign system.
  • Multiplayer for up to 32 players featuring both dog-fighting and cooperative-style play.
  • New and improved AI, plus new vehicles and ground objects.
  • Scalable difficulty for players of all skill levels.
  • New special effects, including searchlights.
  • Improved flight dynamics for added realism.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP
  • Pentium III 800 or AMD Athlon 700 processor, or better
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
  • 3D video card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) with 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 4X CD-ROM or better (not recommended for use with CD-RWs)
  • 1.1 GB free hard drive space
  • Internet connection (56 kbps or better) or LAN for multiplayer. Broadband connection required for large-scale battles.

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