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Talking to a crush can be nerve racking and sometimes not so easy. What if you get nervous and stumble on your words? What if you slip up and say something not so flattering? With your mind racing on what to talk about with a crush it can be quite overwhelming. However, there are several great topics that you can discuss when trying to strike up a conversation with a crush.

Never miss the opportunity to talk about interests with a crush. Discussing interests can provoke a great conversation with a crush. Discussing interests can help you and a crush to develop a deeper understanding with one another. Sharing certain interests can help conversations become more natural between you and a crush. Conversing about interests that are part of each other’s daily life increases the chances of becoming more comfortable exploring similarities between one another. Talking about common interests can help transform the relationship between you and a crush. The relationship can go from seeing one another here and there to consistently going out together. Never shy away from talking about interests with a crush. Overall, sharing your interests with a crush helps a deeper perspective of one another to form.

When interacting with a crush it is important to sometimes not always present your serious side. Sometimes showing your humorous side is just the ice breaker needed to establish an ongoing conversation with a crush. Being serious can be attractive at times. However, it is important to also show the relaxed and more humorous personality that you let free here and there to a crush. There are several ways that you can show the humorous aspect of your personality to a crush. A way to get your crush laughing is by telling a joke you recently heard. You can also talk about something humorous you recently read about or heard in the media. Laughter is a great way to transform an awkward situation into an easy going situation you can handle. You can also bring up something humorous you watched on TV to a crush to strike up a funny conversation. In general humor can be a very attractive trait to showcase to a crush. Overall, a humorous conversation can help you and a crush establish some deeper feelings towards one another.

Talking about work with a crush is a great topic to bring up when conversing. Talking about the type of work/career you have can help to deepen your understanding for one another. Take the opportunity to ask a crush about his/or her career. To get to know more about a crush asks what he or she currently does for work and if he or she is content with their career. This allows deeper conversations to form and makes possible a mutual understanding of one another’s work life. You can ask a crush what his or her dream career is if he or she hasn’t reached it yet. This enables you and a crush to further explore and discuss future career aspirations with one another. Talking about work here and there in conversations is a great topic to maintain between you and a crush.

Talking about life adventures with a crush can create interesting conversations. Discussing adventures and experiences you have had with a crush can deepen your connection with one another. Talking about life adventures helps each of you to observe a different perspective about one another. Having life adventures as part of the conversation helps you and a crush to explore the adventures side that you both may have in common. Discussing adventures helps you and a crush to feel comfortable talking about the triumphs and problems you both have endured in life. It is a topic that allows you to be vulnerable and be more open with an individual you may be crushing on. Speaking about your life adventures with a crush helps a crush to gain a perspective of your inner strength. Discussing experiences helps a crush to see your outlook towards life regardless of what you have gone through. Being open about sharing life adventures is a positive course of action that will catch the eye of someone you are crushing on.

Recent Events
Sometimes talking to a crush about recent events is a great way to start developing a deeper connection between one another. Talking about recent events happening in the area can initiate for you and a crush to plan a day to get together. Talking about current events in the area can also help you and a crush to explore what else you have in common with each other.

In conclusion, talking to a crush does not have to be overwhelming when you have several topics to bring up in conversation.